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KaphyparkTM Automatic Hot beverage vending machiens are designed to cater to the hot beverage needs of Corporate offices, Hospitals, cafeteria etc.  Kaphypark machines are known for their reputation with Quality and innovation.  Their technology gets updated on a continuous basis.

KaphyparkTM supply the best quality Hot Beverage Vending machines in 2-canister, 3-canister, 4-canisters, 6-canisters, 8-canisters etc. 


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KaphyparkTM Coffee Premixes for vending machines provide natural coffee aroma and gives excellent taste. The products are available in regular and premium variants.

Cardamom Tea

KaphyparkTM Tea Premixes give good taste and essence.  The Tea premixes are free from artificial and synthetic flavours.


Lemon Tea


KaphyparkTM Lemon Premixes contain high vitamins and provides refreshing taste and gives a fine smell of lemon.



KaphyparkTM Chacovita gives chocolate taste and has a special flavour.  



KaphyparkTM  Y-Malt is a health based drink with unique flavour.  


Tomato Soup

KaphyparkTM Tomato Soup is an   appetizer and generally taken before meals. It is made from fresh tomato juice and a variety of spices to make it very very tasty.



Dairy Whitener

KaphyparkTM makes high quality of fine and smooth Dairy Whitener Premix, which contains sugar and partially skimmed milk. The premix tastes good apart from freshness and dryness remain intact.





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